Terry Barker, CPA Certified Public Accountant serving Katy, Fulshear and Bellaire, TX

By adhering to the values of accuracy, integrity and efficiency, Certified Public Accountant Terry Barker, provides superior accounting services in Bellaire, TX that cultivate client trust.

We believe that the accounting processes should be fitted to the needs of the client, not the other way around. While larger accounting firms put generalized processes in-place, Terry Barker’s accounting service upholds integrity by catering directly to the specific goals of every client we serve. Terry Barker, CPA has 29 years of experience in tax preparation, business consulting, and accounting and produces excellent results, working to meet your needs for turn-around time. Terry Barker offers free consultations for new clients and only works with clients whom he feels he can genuinely help.

Get in touch with Certified Public Accountant, Terry Barker, CPA, PC to Book a Free Consultation for all your Accounting needs across Katy, Fulshear, Bellaire, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Terry Barker, CPA?

  • One of the leading CPA Accounting firms in the area
  • 29 years of Experience
  • Superior Accounting Services
  • Competent, Accurate Advice and Fast Service
  • Financial Services for Individuals, Large and Small Businesses
  • FREE Consultations Available for Clients