How Terry L. Barker, CPA, PC Help Clients Correct Inaccurate Tax Returns

Author: Terry L. Barker |


As a certified public accountant serving Katy, Fulshear, TX, I provide superior accounting and tax preparation services by catering to the needs or goals of my clients.

For the past three decades, I have helped individuals manage their personal finances, ensured business owers pursue growth goals, and assisted numerous clients with their tax preparation. Since I specialize in preparing tax returns and recommend the best tax-saving strategies, clients have come to trust my services and depend on my firm. 

However, throughout my career, I have, on several occasions, noticed clients approach me with the same problem. Clients feel that the tax preparers they’ve worked with have prepared inaccurate tax returns and seek my services to help correct the mistake. 

Whenever I encountered such cases, I would typically begin by asking clients questions. One of the first questions I would ask them is why they felt their tax returns were improperly prepared. I also asked them about their business or businesses, if they had more than one.

Next, I would take my client’s records that were provided to the previous tax preparer and evaluate all the information that had been used. Unfortunately, I usually face the most challenges during this part of the process. 

Evaluating the information provided along with the additional questions about their return and their possible business; each case, depending on the complexity, took different amounts of time to resolve the errors in their ill-prepared returns.

As a taxpayer, if you feel your tax preparer has messed up your returns, do not hesitate to consult a CPA as soon as possible to avoid penalties, additional interest, or an IRS audit. 

The Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a certified public accountant and qualified tax professional in Katy, Fulshear, TX, reach out to Terry L. Barker, CPA, PC. I keep my client’s best interest in mind at all times, uphold ethical practices, and follow the latest rules to ensure accurate results. 

When clients seek my services to rectify incorrect tax returns, I educate them about the process, ask questions, request for documents or receipts, evaluate information, submit necessary forms, offer insightful advice, and so on. Regardless of the challenges that arise, I find the right solution to correct my clients’ inaccurate returns and ensure all of their concerns are solved. 

I specialize in providing accounting, tax preparation, and business consulting services to clients across Sugar Land, Katy, Brookshire, Rosenberg, and the surrounding areas.

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